Refund and Change Policies

All requests are to be submitted to National Specialty Co-Chair, Matthew Davis, Any approved refunds will be mailed after the Specialty is completed, at the latest. Will attempt to mail approved refunds within 4-6 weeks and may take up to the completion of the specialty.

RV and Box Van Reservations:

Once reserved, if an RV or Box Van Reservation needs to be cancelled, a written notice must be sent to National Specialty Co-Chair via email.  The Co-Chair will review and return a notice of what can be done.  Refunds, if allowed, will be issued after the Specialty has concluded.


Cancellations received thru July 15th – Refund will be sent via check less a $15.00 handling fee.

Cancellations received July 16-August 24th – Refund will be sent less two-nights’ accommodation costs.

Cancellations received after August 24th will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  If a partial refund is allowed, it will be mailed after the Specialty is over.

Box Van:

Cancellations received thru July 15th  – Refund will be sent via check less a $15 handling fee.

No other Box Van Cancellation Refunds will be allowed past July 15th.  If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to reach out privately to find someone to take your spot. Be sure to update co-chair,


Items ordered through the Merchandise Site can only be cancelled/changed with permission of the Merchandising Team.  All inquiries must be communicated to the Merchandise Team directly.  The PWDCA and Specialty teams cannot offer returns or changes.

People Events Purchases:

People Events may include – Meals, Events, Registration Bag/Tag, Senior Parade, Catalogs, Catalog Ads, Donations, Boutique Site, Eye Clinic CAER, Indoor Grooming Spots and Web-Store items (if offered).

Once purchased these items cannot be returned, cancelled or refunded.

You are welcome to reach out privately to check if anyone else would like to use them.  Be sure to update co-chair at

Note: Items not able to be transferred to anyone else include Catalog Ads, Senior Parade, Tags and Web-Store items (if offered).

If you feel your circumstances are especially unique, you can contact show co-chair via email and explain.  Should a refund be allowed, cancellation fees will apply, and refunds will be sent out after the Specialty is concluded.

Dog Events:

Dog Events include – Conformation, Sweeps, Maturity/Futurity, Water, Agility, CGC/Trick, Scent, Rally and Obedience.

Changes and cancellations are allowed per the limits noted on each event’s Premium.  Once the event’s entry close, cancellations will only be allowed as specified by AKC or PWDCA Water regulations.

Refunds, if allowed, will be mailed after the Specialty has finished.