Steering Committee Contacts


Show Co-Chair
Show Co-Chair
Conformation Chair
Performance Chair
Hospitality Chair
Grounds Chair


Matthew Davis
Molly Speckhardt
Sherry Hanen
Janet Boyd
Suzanne Malick
Elizabeth Henry
Leslie Hill
Gary Masten



Purchase of dinners and other reservations/event registrations require you to create a user account. All you need to create your account is an email and password.

When will hotel reservation be available for the specialty block?

Watch for an announcement detailing a January release date for the specialty room block.

Will RV parking be available?

RV parking will be available on the show grounds. Electric (30 and 50 amp) and water hookups available. RV reservations will be made available through the specialty store in the spring of 2023.

What is the location of the water trial?

Full details will be released in the coming months.

Can I login with my member account information?

No. The site does not automatically know your member login information.

Can I review orders I’ve placed? Are they stored in my account?

Your user account dashboard will allow you to review any order you have placed in the store.

I reviewed my orders in my Store account dashboard, and I see a status “Processing”. Does that mean my order has not been charged to my credit card?

The system automatically queries your bank/credit card to attain approval for your purchase. There are several Order Status designations you may see in your dashboard.
Failed – If your card is rejected by the bank, the order will Fail and you will need to try again with different form of payment.
Processing – If your card is approved by the bank, your order will go forward, and the Store will immediately receive payment for your order. The system reduces stock numbers where applicable. Stock numbers are not reduced until you process your payment through the cart.
Completed – This status is used (rarely by us) to indicate the order has been fulfilled. The more typical use of this is in stores where items are to be shipped. When an order status is changed to Completed, you will receive an email notification including a copy of your original invoice.